Colette Pourroy lives and works in Paris and in Provence.
After attending ENSAD in Villa Arson in Nice, she specialized in drawing and
photography. She worked for 30 years with Parisian editors as a freelance artist,
before devoting herself to photography in 2008, closely with Nathalie Luyer.
Her photos are on 6x6 film, unretouched, and prints on matt baryta paper.

Exhibitions & selections

•2020•Espace MLB (Arles) - solo July and August

•2019•Galerie Mind's eye (Paris) (family saga 4) - solo 26-11 to 21-12

•2019•Paris Photo - exhibition/sign book - André Frère éditions (family saga 4)

•2019•Galerie Huit Arles (family saga 4), exhibition 1-7 to 20-9

•2019•Galerie L'imagerie Lannion (family saga 1), exhibition until October

•2018•Galerie Atelier du Midi (Arles) July 1-15

•2017•Galerie Mind's Eye (family saga 3) solo - from december 5 to january 6

•2017•Paris Photo - exhibition/sign book Ève - André Frère editions (family saga 3)

•2017•Fotofever (Paris) Galerie Mind's Eye (family saga 3) - solo

•2015•Galerie Mind's eye (Paris) (family saga 1-2-3-6) - solo

•2014•Images magazine - Hervé Le Goff article (family saga 2)

•2014•Mois de la Photo à Paris - MEP selection - Little Big galerie - solo

•2013•Télérama sortir - Bénédicte Philippe article (family saga 1)

•2013•L'Œil de la Photographie - portfolio - W. M. Hunt selection (family saga 1)

•2013•Galerie du Centre Iris (Paris) - Caféfoto prize (family saga 1) - solo

•2011•VISAVIS International - prize & selection

•2003-2018•Public collection - BnF (Richelieu), MEP

•2002-2017•Private collections in France and abroad - Maison des artistes